Oh hi there — I’ve moved into the little shack of horrors. I’ve been making it a little shack of creation as of late. First of all, I work for an amazing company called Creative Habitat, and I happily put some of my paycheck back into the amazing products they carry. Especially the paper. I love and hoard fine paper, and they do have the best selection. If I ever dare to step into a competitors store, I am frequently amazed by the low quality paper they carry. But I digress in my love for all things paper.

tiny bubbles!

tiny bubbles! It was probably in a kid’s room, but the kid too, may have a paper addiction.

Anyway, the other day I came across this in some’s discard pile (ok, the trash). I found the size quite perfect for my printer and phone stand next to my desk. Currently I’m using an improperly assembled Ikea drawer thing that I pimped out with some 1970′s era Contact Paper, and the overloaded drawer keeps breaking — the paper addiction, it has bad consequences for office furniture.

So I threw them in the back of my car and drove around for a week or two with them in my car because I was far too lazy to take them in. That and I knew I had to clean them, and I had been busy with other things.

Anyway, a few weekends ago,  I removed the paper circle stickers, sanded it down, and spray painted with a dark brown spray paint that was a primer in one. I also  reattached the flapping back with some tiny nails.  Of course, this was not without mishap. I was happily emptying about two cans of dark brown paint onto the shelves when I realized that I had gotten a quite a tan on my legs. Since I was wearing flip-flops and capris while spray painting (never a good idea) I had managed to give a spray tan on the lower half of my body.   That great paint that’s primer and paint in one? Not so easy to remove, I must say.

So anyway, this past week I have been working at night to finally finish my idea for these shelves. I took some Mod Podge (Hard Coat) and a stack of Tim Holtz Paper Pad, which had various 1880 travel and Victorian error patterns of writings and receipts, and applied the paper to the shelves. I’m pretty happy with how they came out:


photoafterNot too bad for my first furniture project?

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