There is something very funny about IKEA selling Swedish Fish.  I know everything that Ikea has, because I feel like I have been living there over the past few weeks, without the ability to curl up into a RESTA bed.  I went on Saturday, but it was far, far too busy, and I was armed with the shopping list of bathroom bits and pieces that I needed. I did go with the dark brown, simply because I was going to get white cabinets in the kitchen and felt that would have been far too much white cabinetry in such a small house.

The bathroom is coming together. The saga of the bathtub has been alleviated by the lack of space in the bathroom, so we had to go with a special sized tub and enclosure.

I went to IKEA last night to inspect the kitchen cabinetry. I had been torn during my late night wrangles with the IKEA Kitchen planner over two cabinet faces, and I went there to inspect everything Kitchen. I am a graphic designer by trade, and have wrestled with design programs since about 1999, including a version of QuarkExpress that would crash every time I went past six pages. In my head now, I have called Quark Express Lucifer, and thankfully most printing presses eschew the devil in favor of InDesign. Anyway, I digress, but back to the Ikea Kitchen Planner. I have nicked named this program “FRUSTRATO” which sounds like an apt Swedish term for how it functions.

It doesn’t allow you to change the settings easily on a cabinet, and when you buy an Ikea cabinet, you need to select faceplates, corner strips, deco strips. knobs and sizes. The original kitchen I designed, based upon the roomy 5×5 size with a side island for the sink, well, I forgot about drawers. Useful things those, are, drawers. Keeps things tidy. So I went back into FRUSTRATO and redesigned with drawers in mind.

Since I am a graphic designer, I started off with some pieces of inspiration. Funny enough, interior designers do the same thing. My kitchen table and chairs set from circa 1950, and these two handy images found online:


Retro kitchen sign from–still need to purchase.

From Pinterest:

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I made a decision based upon the look that I was going for (50′s vintage kitchen). I love everything vinyl and formica. AND I LOVE THESE COLORS.

Here is the kitchen table thats currently sitting in storage. Some of the vinyl may need to be re-upholstered. I got this for free from a cousin who was going to throw it away.

My table & chairs, this is was taken at  the Burlington house.

My table & chairs, this is was taken
at the Burlington VT house.

Photos from the work in the house coming soon!

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