I’ve been incredibly anxious for the past few months. Biting my nails down to the quick, overeating unhealthy food, craving chocolate and power-watching Sci-fi shows on my Kindle, and generally not sleeping. I don’t know if its the change or I think honestly, its the waiting that is slowly wearing me down. I made the decision, now I need to act on it. I stopped missing him about two days after he left, and frankly, I kinda don’t feel any different that when we were together. He wasn’t ever really there for me, in ways that counted. Sad to say after 8 years.

I will miss the daily interaction with my co-workers the most and the true friends that I have made here — they will be getting visits from me, that much I know.

I feel like I have been waiting for this fresh start for ages, and when I step out of the house on Saturday morning, and pack up the dog, the rest of my clothes, and the coffee-maker, I will be stepping into a new life. And that is an amazing thing.

And that step will not be into -12 degree weather.


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