It has been a slow thaw here in Rhode Island this winter. As soon as the ground clears, another storm hits. The ground is clear now, but another storm is on the way to blanket the little shack of horrors. I have been researching bathtubs. The thing about a bathtub is, you really do want to try them out. And I am not sure that the staff of Home Depot would appreciate my showing up with a bucket and some soap and testing out the floor models. One should be able to get a test bath before purchasing a bathtub. It is a very important element to a home. How many hours are spent showering, soaking, wrestling 100 pound mutts under the shower head as they reek of skunk or have rolled around very happily and without any regard for owner’s noses in very dead things?

But I digress. The problem with a shack is that it is a very small abode. The size of the bathroom is very small. And to deviate from the apparent norm of 60 inches guarantees sticker shock. For example there are this wonderful corner tubs that they sell with the price tag around $8,000. If I spent $8,000 on a bathtub, I would either want it on wheels to tote around everywhere I go, or to have jets filled with very expensive champagne.

Also, it appears as though white is the de-facto standard of tub colors. I would prefer to have mine in emerald or magenta so that years from now, people attempting to purchase the shack of horrors would have to comment on the coloring calling it “So early 21st century!”

Anyway, I have picked out a sink. I just need to actually pay for it and make sure it fits in the shack. I keep wavering on aluminum or/black brown though.

lillangen-sink-cabinet--doors--end-units__0129914_PE284027_S4 (1)



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