I’ve been spending a crazy amount of time attempting to recover from a flu-allergy-crazy virus, in which it did not decrease my craving for chocolate, but I have had a headache slightly smaller than the state of Alaska.

I’ve been attempting to recover in-between bouts of throwing snowballs for my dog. He attempts to chase down every snowflake that I send sailing into the backyard. It is a strangely gratifying pastime, especially since he sometimes losing the snowball, spends a good five minutes rooting about in the unending blanket of white that is Vermont, looking all the while like “it was just here, wasn’t it?”

My dog also has become a Russian Instagram star. I’m not sure why those in Russia love him, but he gets more likes than I will ever get.

The Gumby

He sleeps with his paws in the air. It can be rather unnerving.


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